Piers Rae

PVP Week 10: Podcasts for Lovers

Piers and Erik’s quest to find the perfect podcast continues, in spite of the preceding nine weeks of endless setbacks.

A Last Look at PsyBorgs

Today is your final opportunity to vote for PSYBORGS to receive additional Storyhive funding, and the

Blind Tiger Debuts House Sketch Team

Blind Tiger Comedy debuting their brand new (and inaugural) house sketch team at Little Mountain Gallery tonight.

Meet The Psyborgs

If you weren't already aware, David Hiatt's PSYBORGS - a retro-futurist STORYHIVE digital short - dropped this week. The short fills every moment of its ten minute running time with action and is now available, free-of-charge, at the Storyhive homepage and the Telus...

PVP Week 9: Too Raw For Radio

Podcast VS Podcast is the only two-person podcast about pitching podcasts that you’re likely to find.

PVP Week 8: A Very Podcast Special

PVP Week 8: A Very Podcast Special

Take a fond look back over the week 8 episodes of Podcast VS Podcast, including our very special “Reindeer Games” 2015 Christmas special podcast.

Psyborgs En Route to Calgary

Psyborgs En Route to Calgary

Calgary’s indie film crew has completed their Storyhive digital short PSYBORGS, but the battle for the full Storyhive funding is just beginning.

PVP Week 8: A Very Podcast Special

PVP Week 7: Piers and Erik’s Big Fat Adventure

Piers and Erik continue their Monday to Friday grind in the endless quest for a podcast idea that’s better than this one.

Just For Laughs, Featuring Caotica

Just For Laughs, Featuring Caotica

Just For Laughs has partnered with the Northwest Comedy Fest, and Caotica is a part of it.

Emerging Opportunity: Kenneth Branagh Award

An excellent opportunity for amateur playwrights trying to move a script to production, with a guaranteed spot at the 2016 Windsor Fringe!