Coronation of the Virgin – A Wonderful Venetian Ivory Triptych

This triptych, a small portable altarpiece with foldable wings, shows at its centre the Coronation of the Virgin beneath a choir of musician angels. This central image is accompanied by images of saints and an Annunciation scene on the triptych’s wings.

The small object is carved from ivory, and was partially painted and gilded. It was made in a workshop in Venice in ca. 1360-1370, at a time when small and precious ivory carvings were very popular among wealthy members of society. The object was probably used in the context of private devotion and prayer, and its imagery with the Virgin Mary at the centre reflects the important role she played in the religious life of the period.

Photos and Description courtesy of the public collection @VictoriaandAlbertMuseum

13th Century Ivory Triptych
May 1, 2022