Hello Kitty Nativity

Hello Kitty Nativity

Hello Kitty Nativity Scene The sculpture Hello Kitty Nativity Scene depicts a traditional nativity scene, however replaces the traditional characters with pop-culture representations. In the piece, the three kings were replaced with Bart Simpson figures and the Virgin...

12 Days of Kid Crippling Christmas Gifts

A Christmas Story is the Christmas movie in our house, a yearly tradition that we now know so well that watching it consists of leaving it on while we work in the next room, shouting key dialogue in unison with the film. If you have yet to see the film,...

A Message For You: Ch. 8

1940 We didn't have running water in the house; we had no bathroom or flush. All we had was an outhouse. The winter was pretty cold on the bum at times. We all enjoyed trapping rabbits, but we never sold any because we were keeping them for us to eat. We used to make...

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