A Letter From Ghana

A Letter From Ghana

Critical debates on issues of immense national importance are mostly held down by personalisation and the utterly distasteful narrow minded road of either 'black ' or 'white '. All other colours within that matter are not considered. The moment one highlights the need...

Letter From Ghana 06/03/15 Franklin Cudjoe

See, why you should not believe any Politician chanting socialist and welfarist mantra? The former Energy Minister under the current social democratic government ( apparent martyrs of the poor) did in fact, unethically and irresponsibility ran away with very expensive...

Letter From Ghana, Nov. 6th 2014

Some one asked me. "Why are you so worked up on this pension issue? And you have taken a a direct stand against government on this one?" I answered: Do you know how it feels for your father's pension to be stolen 35 years after working for the state and contributing...

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