Kurt Schwitters Merzbarn Detail 4

Kurt Schwitters Merzbarn Detail 4

A rough texture, punctuated by a wooden insert resembling an eyebrow,painted a dark green, and accompanied by a short length of sewage pipe, broken in half and projecting at right angles from the surface of the work.These two objects are partially obscured by a...

Kurt Schwitters MerzBarn Detail 3

An upward curve of smooth plaster divides the rough plaster field into two sections and allows a change of texture and tone to take place as the work is extended along the wall to the right.The area that is actually plastered reduces in size along the right side of...

Kurt Schwitters – MerzBarn – Details 2

The immediate junction of this indented line and the smooth plaster area at the center of the work is marked by a deep crevice, a U- shaped form projecting from the junction painted a bright yellow, and a tin cut to form a spiral, embedded in the plaster and painted...

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