Help Make “Lemmium” Element a Reality

We lost Lemmy (Ian Kilmister) of Motorhead over the Christmas break, but advances in science have presented the perfect opportunity to honour his memory. The discovery of four new super-heavy chemical elements was announced this week, the first to be added since 2011....

TV Donut: Eureka

Episode 6: “Science, Yeah!” – The Gang discuss all things Eureka, strong female characters, the minutiae of Time Travel and just how young we’re willing to get!

Europe In Denial Mode!

"Not a single piece of scientific evidence" that food produced with G.M.O.'s is less safe than food grown in other ways. “No other foodstuff has been so thoroughly investigated as G.M.,” and opposition is "a form of madness" This is what Anne Glover, a well-known and...

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