A Message For You: 1947

A Message For You: 1947

CHAPTER 18 Vital Thebeau   1947   My brother Camille and I worked in the woods all winter. We had bought a horse at the end of March; we went to get it in St. Paul on a Saturday morning. It was about 60 miles from home. We had a 1936 Chevrolet car, we had to take the...

A Message For You: Chapter 10

Recipe for making poutine rape: it’s a recipe that was brought down from the early settlers, it’s made with potatoes and pork meat that is be cut fairly small 3/8 to 1/2 inch square. The amount of potatoes is roughly 12 big potatoes. We would peel them, and then grate...

A Message For You: Chapter 9

My dad was a blacksmith and he was working in a small shop, he was working on a mowing machine for a team of horses, the machine was fairly heavy and you would have to sit on the machine. The wheels were made with cast iron steel with cork on them; the cork was to...

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