Dada Zurich Paris1916-1922

“Dada Zurich Paris 1916-1922” is a book that provides an overview of the Dada art movement, which originated in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1916, and later spread to Paris, France. The book was written by Hans Richter, a Dada artist, and filmmaker who was actively involved in the movement.

The book covers the history and philosophy of Dada, as well as its major figures and works. It includes a wealth of illustrations, photographs, and facsimiles of original Dada publications, such as the famous “Dada” magazine. The book also includes a chronology of Dada events and a bibliography for further reading.

The contents of the book are divided into four parts. The first part provides an introduction to Dada, including its origins, goals, and methods. The second part focuses on the Dadaists in Zurich, including their activities, performances, and publications. The third part covers the Dada movement in Paris, including its collaborations with Surrealism and other avant-garde movements. The final part discusses the legacy of Dada and its impact on modern art.

Overall, “Dada Zurich Paris 1916-1922” is an important reference work for anyone interested in the history of modern art and the avant-garde. It provides a comprehensive overview of the Dada movement, its major figures and works, and its lasting impact on the art world.


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