Modular by Le Corbusier – 1948

This copy is an ex Library softcover copy, in boards,  in a plastic protective sleeve, The book is in VG condition. Usual Library markings. Second Edition 1954

Modulor is a book written by the Swiss-French architect and artist Le Corbusier, first published in 1948. book addresses the concept of proportion in design, and presents a system of measurements that reflect the human scale and the natural proportions of the human body.

The book is based on Le Corbusier’s personal philosophy of architecture, which combined elements of modernism and classicism. In Modulor, he presented a system of proportion that is based on the measurement of the human body, as well as the golden ratio, to create a harmonious relationship between the human form and the built environment.

The book is still considered a seminal work in architecture and design, and continues to be studied and applied by architects, designers, and artists around the world. Le Corbusier’s ideas and theories have had a profound impact on modern architecture and design, and his legacy continues to influence the field today.


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