Notes From the Cevennes – Half a Lifetime in Provincial France – Adam Thorpe

Notes from the Cevennes” is a novel by Adam Thorpe, first published in 2005. It tells the story of a British couple, Adam and Mariella, who leave their life in London to move to a remote village in the Cevennes mountains in south-central France. The novel chronicles their struggle to adapt to and integrate with the local community as they navigate the challenges of living in a foreign country and dealing with cultural differences and language barriers.

Interspersed throughout the narrative are Mariella’s musings on the art of cooking and the couple’s attempts to grow their own food. The novel is also rich in descriptions of the Cevennes landscape and the changing seasons, which play a significant role in the characters’ lives.

Overall, “Notes from the Cevennes” is a thought-provoking and beautifully written exploration of identity, community, and the challenges of living an unconventional life.

As new Hardcover with slip cover, 220 pages.


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