‘The Moving Toyshop’ by Edmund Crispin

“The Moving Toyshop” is a mystery novel written by Edmund Crispin, first published in 1946. It features Gervase Fen, a professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford, who becomes embroiled in a murder investigation.

The story begins with Richard Cadogan, a poet, arriving in Oxford late one night and stumbling upon a toyshop with a sign that reads “Come in and buy a toy – Today’s your lucky day”. As he enters the shop, he discovers the dead body of a woman. However, when he returns with the police, the toyshop has disappeared, and in its place is a grocery store.

Cadogan enlists the help of Gervase Fen to solve the mystery, and they soon uncover a complex web of lies and deceit involving a wealthy businessman, a crooked lawyer, and a mysterious woman. Along the way, they encounter several dangerous situations, including a kidnapping and a high-speed car chase.

The book is known for its intricate plot, witty dialogue, and clever literary references, which are characteristic of Crispin’s writing style. It has been praised for its humor and intelligence, as well as its skillful blend of traditional detective fiction with more modern elements.

Overall, “The Moving Toyshop” is a classic example of a British “Golden Age” mystery novel, and is widely regarded as one of Crispin’s best works.


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