Me and my husband Anrdew came to Canada from Russia almost twenty years ago. We both liked to dance when we were kids, long before we met each other. In Canada, our passion for the grace had resurfaced, and dancing became our second life.

It is little surprise, however, that of all dances, our most favourite come from Argentina. The touching melodies of Buenos Aires – Tangos, Milongas, Waltzes – perfectly resonate with the soulful melodic traditions of Russia and East Europe. This tender and passionate music is so close to the tunes that surrounded us as we grew up. Incidentally, Andrew’s family roots back in Russia come from the same generation of German immigrants who took their bandoneons across the Atlantic to the Buenos Aires barrios, contributing to the birth of Argentine Tango!

Last year, we were doing a show dance at big Tango event in Calgary, to a tune by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) – a legendary Tango composer, and a founder of whole new Tango Nuevo music. It’s very challenging for dancers but very rewarding at the same time, if you find an innovative way to interpret it!

After the show, we were approached by a handsome and gentle young man, who was introduced to us… as no one else but maestro Sergei Tumas – an accomplished Artistic Director, resident Tango choreographer of popular U.S. TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, and producer of the “Tango Nuevo Cabaret” show – all dedicated to Astor Piazzolla and his Nuevo music! We certainly had a lot of common to talk about that night!..

Sergei liked our choreography, and invited us to take some lessons with him, which we thankfully accepted. He was very generous in sharing the precious secrets of show dancing profession, and we were very lucky and very happy to have such teacher. In the breaks, we talked a lot about Tango Nuevo music – how it blends traditional Tango with American Jazz and classical music, providing endless possibilities for arrangements and interpretations. We had a great time together, and it was sad to say “good-bye” to maestro Sergei when time came for him to finally return to Hollywood…

But, here are the good news: maestro Sergei is back! In September, he brings his “Tango Nuevo Cabaret” show to Calgary! It will be presented at the Jubilee Theater Calgary on September 13 & 14, 2014, bringing to Calgary for the first time a world-renowned cast of tango/ jazz musicians and dancers from Argentina and the world. Special guest artists include none other than living legend master bandoneonist, Astor Piazzolla’s famous companion Daniel Binelli. You will see surprise guest star pro-dancers from DWTS. The grand show will also feature Broadway singer Martin De Leon, beautiful Cabaret dancers, as well as dazzling aerialist performers and hip hop artists, taking tango from its roots in Buenos Aires, all the way to modern hip hop era.

Maestro Sergei Tumas will present this breathtaking tango extravaganza not to be missed! This is going to be something Calgary haven’t seen before – and, me and Andrew are working hard to be a part of this show!

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