Analytics? Metrics and measurement, data sorted to reveal pattern and flow.

The power of analytics is in the translation from metrics to action.

It’s the difference between knowing you have an audience to having that audience engage with you, in a way you desire and have planned for! Understanding your data lets you leap from metrics to action? Here are the basics:

  1. Automate the data gathering tasks, use your analyst to analyse, not to compile the data.
  2. Treat every Reader as an individual. Seems obvious, but if you aren’t looking at your audience segments, you are losing the battle!
  3. Get a monthly/weekly/daily view of your best read articles., then ask… why this one? Notice what the reader sees next.
  4. Look at your data in real-time, and connect that to your historical data to get a context.
  5. Use your data to make decisions, and act on them, both product and editorial.

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