Actor, improviser, Caotica main-stay, and all-around stand-up guy Shane McLean cleared a few minutes out of his terrifically busy schedule to answer a flurry of questions about his upcoming project WOLF HANDS. Shane will be playing the lead role of Vaughn Miller, AKA the man with the wolfen hands.

Mr. McLean would really appreciate it if you could take the time to read his insightful and oft-times revealing answers.

Caotica: Why don’t we start with you describing your hands.

Shane McLean: A light smattering of hair from wrist to top knuckles. Self-chewed nails. 27 years of gentle wear and tear.

C: On this team’s last Storyhive project, “SWAGGER,” you played both protagonist and antagonist in the form of maniac Ollie Swagger. What was that like?

SM: Terrifically fun. Mostly consisted of me trying to surprise Braden and Nick with whatever horrible, pathetic thing I could think of next.

C: What is the team trying differently to appeal to fans this round?

SM: I haven’t had that conversation with them, but it seems that this project is very well rounded and they have a clear vision of what they’re trying to achieve. Storyboards drawn up. Make-up and effects ball is already rolling. If I had to make up an answer, I’d say they’re making a genre film this time, which is just easier to sell to people.

C: Now in Wolf Hands, you play Vaughn Miller, a man/werewolf on the brink of sanity. What do you like, or dislike, about your character?

SM: I love his fashion sense and confidence, I hate that he doesn’t effectively communicate with his girlfriend. Communication is key in any relationship.

The titular wolf hands.

C: I know for a fact you communicate very well with all of your girlfriends. Jenny Rose is a strong character, what’s the good thing about Vaughn’s character keeping her invested?

SM: There are many good things about Vaughn, I think he’s just in a bit of a schlubby slump. Jenny sees his potential and hopes to help him realize it.

(Always a mistake, by the way. Date someone for who they are, not who you’ll think they’ll be.)

C: Who else (besides Jenny) is going to love your character?

SM: Man-children. People who have hand-related curses, My mom.

C: You’re casting a pretty tight net there. How many people is your mom bringing? 

SM: You saying my mom doesn’t have enough friends to fill a theatre, big shot?

C: Let’s put a pin in that one. What do you have in common with Vaughn as a character?

SM: We look very similar. Both of us love coffee and pie. However, I am terrified of fighting, whereas Vaughn rises to the challenge, even relishes it.

C: Interesting. Is Vaughn’s bloodlust a side effect of his lycanthropy, or has he always been like this?

SM: Definitely a symptom of the hands. I think he’s always had a temper, but avoided fights.

C: Have you encountered any challenges with taking on this role?

SM: Hair growth hormones for my hands have been wreaking havoc on my mood and sleep cycle.

C: Hmmm. And when you’re not acting, what are you doing with your time?

SM: I write, trawl around on tinder, play metal gear, edit silly videos for Instagram, annoy my roommates, occasionally bartend.

C: I also know for a fact you’re becoming a pretty big wheel down at the improv factory. You do multiple shows a week, yet you don’t mention it here. Modesty, or forgetfulness?

SM: You said when I’m not acting. Improv is acting. But yes, I’m also modest AND forgetful.

C: I hate that you just zinged me on a technicality. What do you do on set when you’re NOT ACTING?

SM: I have an upside down rig in my rider that I have brought to set and I hang from it like a bat to ensure I’m in a constant state of light-headedness.

C: Does being light-headed help you act?

SM: It certainly helps.

C: What do you find are the most impressive elements of Wolf Hands?

SM: The pacing, the mix of gore and comedy and the super rad make up effects.

C: Do you have a favourite line of dialogue in the film?

SM: …you can handle unpredictable super-powers, but a drivers’ license is out of your reach.

C: While people wait anxiously for Wolf Hands, where can they go to scratch that Shane McLean itch?

SM: If you’ve developed an itch from being in contact with me, I’m legally required to inform you that there is a class action group for you to join. It will likely ruin me.

In the meantime you could watch Diamond Planet, Crawlspace, or the 2012 teen thriller Love Me where I have one scene in which a teenager beats the shit out of me.

C: And finally, what Storyhive projects have caught your eye so far?

SM: I’m excited for David Hiatt’s “Psyborgs” and Ross Dauk and Andy Kallstrom’s “DIY Spies.” “Remlar the Sturgeon King” out of Edmonton starring Ben Gorodetsky is also worth checking out. And probably others that I haven’t seen yet, alright? Get off my back!

You can vote every day for Wolf Hands HERE on their Storyhive page. We urge you to do so.

In the meantime, you can find more Wolf Hands film info at:

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