We wake up to heavy fog and can barely see a soccer ball in front of our faces.


So we wake up the travel agent, cancel the hike and hocus pocus no more Gangtok traffic, we are off to Darjeeling, home of tea and twits (they use to go there to escape the heat)

But before that it is off to see a “Ganesh” made out of mandarin oranges04

IMG_0348and a peacock made out of cabbages


On our way we had to stop so the guide and the driver could buy some fish at the side of the road

We arrive in Darjeeling, just like Gangtok only with WAY MORE TRAFFIC. We check into the Elgin hotel then head out on the town. We buy some street food from an unlicenced food vendor

IMG_0367buy tea at a tea shop, go to a bookstore and go to bed early because we found another UNPLANNED EXCURSION AND CHANGE IN ITINERARY. We are going to go to drive to Tiger Hill for sunrise to get a look at the third largest mountain Kangchenjunga.

The Shop at…Books and Music