IMG_0339What to do today?

I know, let’s drive through another traffic jam to go see a monastery. This one was only 24 km away.

IMG_0317We had to pack a lunch (just kidding although we did have some snacks in the car).
There were guards with rifles at this one.  Two different sects of monks are fighting for control and people are worried that things could get a little nasty.  Seems those Buddhists could learn a thing or two from, wait a minute.

Oh well the Chinese are really close maybe they are worried about another invasion.

Then off for lunch at the hotel

IMG_0333 before going to … please god make them stop.

We changed the itinerary, drove through town

IMG_0330 and went to an outdoor orchid festival. Bought four stems of orchids from these nice people


and put them in our room at the Elgin Nor Khill Hotel.

Tomorrow the hike and a look at Kanchenjunga

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