Three men on their way to an important business pitch learn their flight is canceled during a layover. The only room available in the small town is a one bedroom hotel. They have to sleep in the same bed.

They sleep business style – sleeping as if they’re standing, side by side, all but saluting the ceiling.

“Well, gentlemen, good night,” says the regional manager, perfectly parallel in the middle between the other two.

“Good night,” say the two junior associates.

It was a long wait in the airport. They’re tired.

It’s morning. The junior associate on the far left wakes up.

“Wow. What a dream I had.”

The manager in the middle wakes up.

“Did you dream our pitch would go as well as we assume?”

“No, actually, I dreamt I got an amazing handjob from an ancient beautiful Mediterranean queen. You know, like one of those curvy dark women on the banana stickers, in her straw skirt and coconut bra, you know.”

“Hmm, sounds quite nice,” says the manager.

The junior associate on the far right lifts his head.

“Interesting. I as well dreamt I had an amazing handjob, but it was from a loyal Chinese woman on a table constructed from bamboo after teaching me the ways of Tai Chi and spiritual enlightenment.”

“Why, that sounds quite wonderful. Perhaps we’re both spurring the confidence of budding junior associates,” says the junior associate on the far left.

“God dammit,” says the regional manager in the middle, as he sits up and side punches the air.

“The only dream I had was that I was skiing.”

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