Critical debates on issues of immense national importance are mostly held down by personalisation and the utterly distasteful narrow minded road of either ‘black ‘ or ‘white ‘. All other colours within that matter are not considered. The moment one highlights the need for critical thinking, you are branded too known. Sadly apparently highly educated persons participate in such. Leaves me wondering if many of us haven’t been using our heads to disproportionately carry ‘Quarm’s “load” all the time

Heads for “carrying load” , confused educators and bureaucrats and now leaked exams questions and the politicians dreaming and pretending to be offering free education to high schools? No wonder the senior high school certificates are not recognised by serious Universities around the world. Right now if you have a choice, please consider GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level exams for your kids and siblings.

Listening to Joy FM discussion on this unfortunate quest by some to highly miseducate our younger siblings is quite frankly neauseating. Goodness! How on earth can we suggest that six year olds cannot think and so they must be taught that the main function of the Human head is to “carry load”! ? What have we done to our heads? We need to salvage primary education from these dangerous merchants of misinformation. I’m not suprised Liberia as a country has contracted almost the entire primary education to a technology based education entrepreneurs. This is why some of us believe that if public education must be done well and subsidized, we must subsidised pupils to choose how they get educated instead of funding just buildings . Let the money follow the pupils. God save us from these other “heads”.

Bros and sisters, the way this Panama Papers thing dey go, abeg if you know say you dash me kwacha before way your name dey inside, please abeg waaaa remind me make I give you your money back. Some body say e see Kodzo Francklino for the trail. That one no be me oo. Na Togo name dat ooo.above accra

Dear beloved in Christ and Allah, come fly with me to one of the highest points on earth away from Gitmo2, SA3, Pakistani 13, NDC branded cars52 for these must not define this year’s elections on the altar of propaganda. But God please touch President Mahama’s head right now so he strongly reprimands his delinquent and passive aggressive BNI appointees lest he becomes a petty dictator without his knowledge. God, hear my humble prayer. Amen.

An opportunity for all undergrads in Africa. IMANI Africa in support of the African Liberty Organisation for Development,the Network for Free Society and Rising Tide Foundation announce this year’s International Essay Competition titled ” Entrepreneurs are the creative force in the economy. Is your government helping or hindering them?”. Over $3,000 worth of prizes await winners as well as sponsorships to attend high level economic seminars across Africa. Please check out details on the art work. All essays should be sent to and Crucially do spread the information. Thank you. Adedayo Thomas Linda Whetstone Rejoice Ngwenya

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