All-Saints, Wykeham, William Butterfield

by Zoot Rollo

October 25, 2014

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A Butterfield church built in 1855, as usual Butterfield designed a School and a Vicarage as part of the project. That interesting free standing Spire was largely rebuilt as a lychgate with a psaage through,around the existing original tower of the Chapel of St Mary and St Helen, which was founded in the 14C by John de Wykeham.
William Butterfield All Saints Wykeham N. Yorks

Pretty Steep Roofs!
All Saints - Wykeham - Butterfield0011

Immediately to the south of the modern church is the site of the chapel said to be that of ST. HELEN, built by John de Wykeham in 1321. All Saints - Wykeham - Butterfield0008

Under a small lych-gate between the churchyard and the vicarage garden is hung a small bell inscribed,
‘Peace and good neighbourhood 1784.’

The Vicarage

The Vicarage

All Saint’s Wykeham from the Air



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