The brand new BTC House Sketch Team is making their GRAND DEBUT tonight by taking you on an all-expenses paid tour of the greatest mall in the North American corporate sector. Say goodbye to your existential woes: we’re going shopping!

A shopping mall is a place that lies to you in order to sell you things you don’t need. But we won’t do that. We’re here to sell you the one thing you always need (LAUGHTER) in a package you didn’t *realize* you needed (A MALL THEMED SKETCH COMEDY SHOW.)

The show opens with a great deal on the BTC House Sketch Team’s first full-length sketch show at 8, and the savings continue with the BTC House Improv Team at 9:30!

The Blind Tiger House Sketch Team presents:

Little Mountain Gallery
Friday, March 4th
Doors 7:30PM. Show 8PM
Improv and Sketch from the creme de la creme of BTC.
Cheap booze, cheaper laughs.
Tickets $5 or FREE for current BTC Students



Blind Tiger Improv House Teams typically perform the first Friday of every month at Little Mountain Gallery, and the Sketch House Team will perform every 6-8 weeks. You may also see them at festivals in and outside of Vancouver, and guesting on other shows around town.

Directed by Tom Hill, the Blind Tiger Comedy Sketch House Team is comprised of: Piers Rae, Shane McLean, Racquel Belmonte, Kerri Donaldson, Andrew Fielden, and THE Ronald D. Dario.

The Shop at…Books and Music