Iiniistsi“: Blackfoot word for ‘treaty’: a new beginning, making peace, creating harmony.

REDx Talks: the Indigenized speaker series. A platform to explore Indigenous world views through short presentations from great thinkers who live, work, study and create within global Indigenous communities.

We’re happy to be helping spread the word about this groundbreaking event, and will be publishing more information on this, and other projects from Calgary’s Iiniistsi Art Society, in the weeks to come.

The official announcement to the public of this speaker series will launch tomorrow at Mount Royal University, and we formally invite all members of both the public and media to join us.


Dr. Leroy Littlebear and the Iiniistsi Treaty Arts Society are proud to announce a new endeavour to the media and the general public: REDx Talks.

In the spirit of oral tradition, REDx Talks is a not-for-profit speaker series that expresses and embodies Indigenous worldviews. REDx Talks is a unique platform for influential elders, creatives, thinkers and agents of change within Indigenous communities to engage in dialogues on Indigenous and conciliation issues. Iiniistsi Treaty Arts society will announce details of the event and it’s partnership with Mount Royal University.

There will be time allotted to field questions from the media.

WHO: Dr. Leroy Littlebear
Cowboy Smithx
Rio Mitchell.
Iiniistsi Treaty Arts Society

WHAT: Announcement of REDx Talks

WHEN: 11 a.m. Friday, Sept. 18, 2015

WHERE: Iniskim Centre at Mount Royal University Room C201, above Starbucks at the East Gate 4825 Mount Royal Gate S.W

WHY: To inform the public and media about this groundbreaking event.

Stay tuned for more word on speakers, booths at the REDx event, the new run of Making of Treaty 7, and the upcoming debut of Making of an Elder at the Calgary International Film Festival.

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