Hey. I’m ACoolWizard. Prepare to be spellbound.

You heard me right, the name’s Cool Wizard (yes, that Cool Wizard) and I’m here to blow your minds with how great I am at video games. My new game-streaming web-series debuted on Youtube today (yes, that Youtube) and I’m bringing it to you FREE.

High-quality content? Free? No ads? That’s right, I’m making it happen.

I invite you to join me on COOL WIZARD CRASH COURSE. Each week I’ll post new videos detailing my never-ending quest to wring every drop of adventure out of video games. I take this extremely considerably, I would appreciate if you did as well. And yes, I do consider myself to be an athlete.

Tell you what, have a taste right now.

I’ll be keeping my spell book and diary open here at Caotica, keeping track of my dreams and wanderings on this road to nowhere. As you can tell, I’m both deep and super-poignant, which should probably lend enough pathos to keep you coming back for more.

How do I feel right now? Like I’m so powerful could cast a fireball spell big enough to engulf the whole freaking city in flames, that’s how good I feel. I’m feeling like a wizard Jesus. There are a lot of things I’m good at in life, but the two I’m the most passionate about are magic (in this case the magic of film-making of course) and video games. My Crash Course series is going to fuse the two like sand in an atomic blast.

But maybe you live under a rock, and you’re wondering who I am. I’ll try to summarize.

I’m a professional gaming enthusiast, cool wizard, blogger, podcaster, political activist, poet, musician, director, screenwriter, gamer, dancer, human rights activist, soul sister, spiritual advisor, shaman, wanderer, amateur blacksmith, hot sorcerer, freedom-fighter, home-brewer, social media heavy, tech-aficionado, cigar-buff, whiskey expert, self-empowered nerd, magician, free-spirit, Nancy Grace addict, and so totally random it’ll make your head spin.

But more importantly than all that, my wiz biz just made #1 on your MUST WATCH playlist. Tell you what, have another shot on the house.

So subscribe, like, share, comment, tweet, donate, pint, etc. It matters.

Check in Fridays @ 1 PM (PST) for my new vids.

Can’t wait that long? My tweets happen 24/7, baby. Wizard out.

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