Cosmochoria is a love letter to old-school action / arcade games like Asteroids, Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. Maybe some new school games like Spelunky and Super Mario Galaxy also…

Cosmochoria is a mesmerizing way to kill hours: hopping between planets, unravelling forgotten mysteries, killing aliens and planting seeds to sprout new life across a long-barren galaxy.

Cosmochoria is a sugar shock of sweet arcade fun in a beautifully psychedelic wrapper! Nate Schmold’s debut game is a labor of love that deserves a wide and appreciative audience.”
– Jason Kapalka, co-founder of PopCap Games
(Bejeweled, Peggle, Plants vs Zombies)
cosmochoria dragon

Finer Details

With a cute but fresh art style, Nate Schmold presents “Cosmochoria”, an arcade game developed for Mac/PC/Linux. Cosmochoria draws upon the experience of games like Asteroids and Mario Bros, where the goal is to improve your skills and reach a high score. But through the process of exploring the game, you’ll learn that there’s an even deeper thread of intrigue and growth running throughout.

A mysterious old hermit tells you about the history of the galaxy you find yourself in. It isn’t long before you’re exploring the furthest corners of the galaxy to unlock the puzzles of what happened to the it in the first place while upgrading your weaponry and abilities to stay alive just a little longer.

Or just Play The Game!

Game Features:

  • Relaxing single player High Score arcade action.
  • Plant seeds to sprout new plants, new plants give more seeds.
  • Build pyramid bases to shoot down aliens while you plant.
  • Procedurally generated galaxy. Each game is unique.
  • Baby-time training mode for those who lack real gumption.
  • Aliens drop crystals from their bums when killed.
  • Spend your crystals at the upgrade shop to improve your abilities.
  • Radical interstellar boss fights.
  • Mini-Map Upgrade to plot your journey.
  • Fresh electronic soundtrack by Ilkae & Zebra.
  • Hand Crafted 1080p vector illustration stylee.
  • Befriend an old hermit alien at his wooden shack.
  • Discover hidden artifacts strewn across the galaxy.
  • Combine the artifacts…

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