“My painting comes from a modernist aesthetic, and I feel a kinship to artists, such as, Matisse, Morris Louis, Jack Bush and Bill Perehudoff. Central to my painting practice is the visual experience. It is upon the visual experience, as a painter, that I have engaged in a personal dialogue.

My experiences of the world, especially the visual experiences, provide me with inspiration for painting. I have long been fascinated by nature’s display of light, color, shape and texture. The sky, water and land often intrigue me with its display that is in constant flux: colors that at times are rich, full, and hard edged and at other times are soft and fluid with lingering traces of change. An unusual shape may catch my imagination or looking through a window that sets up an exploration of framing as part of the composition.

The visual experience is paramount in my painting practice. This practice of painting has built on my ability to articulate with paint color on a surface by exploring the full range of possibilities of the acrylic medium. Exploring the qualities in acrylic paint on both paper and canvas surfaces that provide a directness of application. I am looking for the spontaneity of the brush stroke and a way to build surfaces and color relationships that are in flux through the painting process. Building colors through transparent layers. Exploring ways to move from one color to another that is fluid, soft and gentle or thick opaque color that butts up to another. In each picture I strive to leave evidence of the painting process and for a way to allow color to emerge as an entity.”

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