Tiny Tea Sets

Set of cup, raised saucer and creamer, $65
Set of Creamer and Sugar Bowl $40

My Cup Of Tea


My potters wheel turns the clay.

My hands shape the clay.

Each shape is individual.

Each tiny teacup is similar to the one before.

They go together, yet they are also different, individual, defined.

You will choose the red one or the yellow one,

or the green one or the blue one…or the rose one?


Tiny children’s tea sets appeal to the little girl in me.

(boys are not allowed…they break things)

I am delighted, for a moment,

disarmed of all my grown-upness.

My inner child shines through.

I remember

pouring, spooning, stirring, sipping.

I share in the tea party.

memories of tiny tea cups,

cookies and too much sugar.

I belong…like…”when I was a little girl”

This collectionof works is the culmination

of years playing with clay,

mixed with memories of “playing” tea,

as well as rememberinghow to play…

with my grandchildren.

It has been a magical place, my studio full of

tiny tea sets.

A lot of playing!

Meticulous, concerned, busy playing.

Pass the sugar, sugar.



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