Putting your work out into the world is the most difficult part of creating something. Not only are you unsure of yourself, you’re unsure of your audience, as where your focus should be. An entire industry is built around writers paying for submissions to “contests”, or even just to get their work read. Here’s an opportunity that won’t take advantage of you.

If you’re an emerging writer, especially a screen or stage writer like myself, you know getting your work read is only half the battle. You’re also trying to get your work produced, to get it on its feet and seen and (god willing) turning a profit, however small. Then there’s the trick of finding awards for which you are actually eligible, often complicated by being Canadian.

Sometimes being in the commonwealth pays off however, such as this tasty missive that came through my email today. The Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing not only awards a modest but respectable cash prize, but will also underwrite  three new plays from amateur talent in the 2016 Windsor Fringe.


  • Cost of entry is extremely reasonable, at 5 pounds ($10.00 CAN).
  • Prize converts to just over $1000 Canadian.
  • Produced work in a distinguished festival.
  • Underwriting is somebody else’s problem.
  • Your name will likely appear somewhere in the same paragraph as Kenneth Branagh. (!!!)
  • Such prestige.


  • You’re probably a Canadian like me, and low on funds (like me), so odds are you won’t be flying to Windsor to see your work produced. Shame.
Here's the skinny.

Here’s the skinny.

That’s the whole deal. All that remains now is for you to get out there and get cracking. Good luck!

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