On the heels of a 2015 Canadian Comedy Awards nod for “Best Male Stand-Up” Jeff McEnery has finally released his long-awaited stand-up album Sunset Acres.

The album is a solid 40 minute set (Jeff is killing), where he delves into topics ranging from small town eccentrics, the pretensions of modern culture, and the pains of his own personal history.

2 Big Fer' His Britches

Tall talk from a city boy.

The favourite son of Acton, Ontario, Jeff sits on a gilded throne built out of comedy awards and career highlights. He’s been in every Canadian comedy festival under the sun, he’s shared screen time with Franco, he’s even played a villainous rapist in Canadian classic film Dog Pound.

Jeff would be the first to tell you he’s a multi-pronged threat.

Ever hear of the Tim Sim’s award, Yuk-Yuks $25,000 Great Canadian Laugh Off, or the award for CCA Best Newcomer (2007)? Of course you have. Well guess what: all these and more sit on one of the many fireplace mantles in Jeff’s sprawling LA mansion.

We reached out to Jeff for a comment, but he probably didn’t have time to get back to us now that he splits his time between Toronto and LA like some spritely dandy. A Canadian with a green card to the USA? Oh, he must be good.

So instead of a comment, we’ve collected a bunch of Jeff’s best (most recent) tweets.

Want more of this? Buy the album!

If you’d like to see more of Jeff’s material for some reason, you can check out his one hour Comedy Now! special. Additionally, you can follow Jeff and his pretty-boy antics on Twitter and Facebook.

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