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Vancouver’s sketch comedy powerhouse HipBang! is putting their hat into the ring for the latest round of IPF web and pilot funding. Alleged local funny-men Tom Hill and Devin Mackenzie have outdone themselves with this teaser trailer for their new series Oddland. The series promises to make the most of the duos offbeat, absurdist style through a mess of biz


Two Normal Guys

Oddland focuses on Tom and Devin (characters, played by Tom and Devin), the world’s only non-genetic conjoined therapists. Two unsettling upbeat men in matching beige khakis and burgundy sweaters, determined to fix the lives and minds of the biggest weirdos they can find. And they definitely find some weirdos. Check it out.

Drawing on their connections in the comedy community, the talent in this teaser alone is a who’s who of the Canadian (well, Vancouver) comedy community. I mean, take a look at this cast list. And while you’re at it, take a good look at those character names.

Cast – Order of Appearance
Tom – Tom Hill
Devin – Devin Mackenzie
Long Arms – Christine Bortolin
Steam Punk 1 – Taz VanRassel
Steam Punk 2 – Dino Archie
Wet Guy – Peter Carlone
Narrator – Ken Lawson
Hyper-Successful Naturopath – Caitlin Howden
Mustard Guy – Scott Patey
Hasn’t Had Water for Six Years Lady – Rachel Smith
Can’t Touch Newspaper or He’ll Bleed Guy – Brian Cook
Guy with No Back – Cam Macleod
Clones – Amy Goodmurphy
Clothing Guy – Andrew Barber

Screenshot 2015-03-23 18.44.21

If this is how they’re going to name characters, I hope nobody gets a real name.  And these naming conventions perfectly highlight the absurdity the duo is known for.

The duo describe themselves on their website as “a Canadian Comedy Award-nominated improv and sketch comedy duo from Vancouver whose playful, absurd scenes have delighted audiences around the world.” A modest summary given the variety of venues that have hosted them, and the accolades they’ve received.

Here’s a list of the amazing places they’ve played, as if you needed the proof: SF SketchFests, NXNE, Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza, the Del Close Marathon, the Detroit Improv Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and probably more. Most recently, the duo was appearing at the Toronto Sketchfest with their WHITE PANTS show. The show was described by Hip.Bang! as “Veeeeeeery fun” in what is sure to be a classic Devin Mackenzie drawl.

They’re also the co-founders of Vancouver’s own Blind Tiger Comedy school, moulding the comedic minds of the next generation. You can check out more of HipBang! pretty much everywhere online, they’ve done a fine job scattering trails all across the internet. Please remember to check out Hip.Bang! on:

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