A GE DW-58 Exposure Meter in working order with original case and manuals.

GE Exposure Meter with CAse and Manuals

GE Exposure Meter with Case and Manuals

GE Exposure Meter Pre War Design DW-58

Face of GE Exposure Meter DW-58

I quote, somewhat edited, my apologies to Mr Jollinger, from a really well written ( Exposure Meter page – as follows:

“This is a pre-war meter—at least pre-war design….

Can  be used in a couple different ways; if you pop the hood off it is a reflected meter under moderate light, hood on and flip the cover open for restricted angle reflected or bright light, or flip the cover closed (which still had slits in it) for really bright light. Calculator dial on the back of the hood allowed you to interpret the meter reading depending on which configuration you used.

… the meter reads in foot candles—something only the high-end professional meters tend to do. Foot candles actually mean something, and can be converted into exposure values…. One of Ansel Adams most famous photographs, “Moorise, Hernandez New Mexico,” was exposed without a meter because Adams had memorized the luminance of the Moon in foot-candles, and noodled out the shutter and diaphragm combination he needed from there.”

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