We get in the car at 04:45 to drive to Tiger Hill to watch other people watch the sunrise while we stand on the other
side and wait for Kanchenchunga to be reavealed in all it’s third highest mountain in the world glory.

the top of Tiger Hill at 5:30 in the morning when we arrive is filled with people (it is still dark)

IMG_0371 coffee vendors and guys selling hats and gloves (it is cold).  The sun comes up and we see… a traffic jam. We wait and wait and wait then the guy beside me says look it there it is.  I can barely see something, Nancy is
concerned I am hallucinating. The clouds part a couple of times and we get a couple of good looks. This is what it should have looked like


We tell our guide, OK our work is done here and walk down the mountain to find our car in the middle of a giant game of car pick up sticks.

IMG_0372  There is no way he is going to get out of that mess for at least an hour
so we start walking down the hill where we get another good look at the big mountain when the clouds part again.

We get back to the hotel at 8:00 climb back into bed, set the alarm for 9:15 and go to sleep.
We tour the Hamalayan Mountain Institue where the great Sherpa Tenzing Norqay (he of Sir Edmund Hilary fame) is interned.


The guide led us to a nice lunch spot in Darjeeling where we had Mo mo’s (Nepali deep fried dumplings). We invited our guide Pockar but he was  worried Mr. Gewin, our driver would feel lonely so he said no thanks and he gangfoked off.

After doing a quick tour of a run down club we passed on some other thing we were supposed to do and headed off to the Glenburn Tea Estate to spend the night before getting up and going back to Darjeeling for more sightseeing.

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