Whitey Kirst & The Web Of Spyder!

With his latest studio album out, Whitey Kirst is rockin’, with his rock and roll power trio, featuring Tommy Clufetos & Stefan Adika

“It’s just straight-ahead rock and roll.

The long time Iggy Pop guitarist has been making his own music since 2007 with The Web of Spyder,

The Album ‘ALL RISE” in available on iTunes and of course there’s a Facebook page – right here

A quote from the Whitey Kirst page at Facebook, (the link is above).

“Exclusively nachos and Canadian Club fed, beautiful and cruel as a child, strong as a man, he has scoured thousands of eardrums all over the world. * On the right-hand side of the Iguana *

Head pistolero for Iggy Pop, he’s been, from 1990 to 2003, the right man at the right place, carrying the torch of a weirdy noisy Rock and Roll after such outstanding musicians as Ron Ascheton, James Williamson, Rob Duprey, Steve Jones, Andy Mc Coy
Whitey has also co-written numerous songs with Iggy on “Avenue B”,“Beat ‘Em up” and “Skull ring” albums.Since then, he has created his own small business “The Web of Spider” navigating between L.A. dusks and Calgary dawns.”        Rice Troufaille

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