Lammas Day Celebrations,

by Zoot Rollo

August 1, 2016

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We are baking bread for Lammas Day- Aug 1st,  the festival of the wheat harvest, the first harvest festival of the year. In the medieval agricultural year, Lammas also marked the end of the hay harvest that had begun after Midsummer.

Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder-_The_Corn_Harvest(August)At the end of hay-making a sheep would be loosed in the meadow among the mowers, for him to keep who could catch it,or at least that is what Wikipedia says!  if so , appropriate for our spot in the fields.

The Church of England First lesson for today starts out like this:

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring”.

Juliet by J.W.Waterhouse, 1898

Juliet by J.W.Waterhouse, 1898

Lammas Tide (July 31st) is the birthday of Shakespeare’s Juliet, she was 14.


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Chapter 32 Vital’s Humane Trap

I didn’t have any technology except my practical way of doing things. So I told them by pulling on the spring. If it is hard to pull it means that it would hit harder and that’s how I do it.

Cannon Fodder. Louis Ferdinand Celine.

Cannon-Fodder is an unfinished novel by the French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline. The largely autobiographical narrative is set before World War II, and roughly continues where...

Bastille Day. 1789. Today.

Bastille stormed by Paris mob. On this day n 1789, a mob advanced on the Bastille, the crowd captured the prison, an act that symbolized the end of the regime of Louis XVI