Letter From Ghana 06/03/15 Franklin Cudjoe

June 3, 2015

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See, why you should not believe any Politician chanting socialist and welfarist mantra? The former Energy Minister under the current social democratic government ( apparent martyrs of the poor) did in fact, unethically and irresponsibility ran away with very expensive luxurious cars he deliberately procured to monitor dirt poor roads in rural Ghana.

Dr. Oteng Adjei

Dr. Oteng Adjei

He has shamefully returned one of the cars and is said to be keeping another , but he dares us all to take him to court. No, he won’t be taken to any court to waste time. We have to force him , to shame him so he has to return the car and then we haul him before a court later and press for him to be shamed further.

Another sad spectacle is the vodoo-inspired consumer and producer surveys conducted by the Bank of Ghana that returned a curious 85% business confidence in the economy last year, the very year the economic figures actually depressed with our currency , the cedi, was one of two worst performing currencies in Africa with escalating and dodgy taxes. It would seem to me the Central Bank now produces ghost respondents. Thankfully the Chamber of Commerce has dared the Central Bank to produce its ghost respondents. Voodoo statistics!!!

The Institute of Economic Affairs, Ghana’s oldest think tank ranks the office of the President as the second most corrupt public office in Ghana. When IMANI ranked the Chief of Staff’s Office as the the worst performing public office in the land, some did not understand. Eventually the Chief of Staff was sacked by the President. However, it appears the IEA just said what many think- that the office of the President is the second most corrupt office in the land. IEA,Yaw Gyampo, be prepared for your baptism of fire. As for us at IMANI, it is our daily cross, but I like the boldness now. This is what we require of our think tanks. Boldness!!!


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