Still expressing my gratitude to the government of Australia. Pictured here with yours truly is Mrs Morris, the senior officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade scheduled for all my business in Australia. Mrs Morris was very professional, calm and had time for all my questions. She helped set up over 35 meetings for me in five Australian cities and she was at every one of them. Thank you Mrs. Morris!

So, the President in far away Banjul, accepted that the ‘dum sor” demo will encourage him to find lasting solutions to the canker. May the Lord guide him.

Boadu John thank you! May your children and grand children be blessed! You are not a liar and you speak your mind unblemished with such character! Radio Rwandas should not be given the chance to pollute the minds of decent people in Ghana. Black listing Radio Rwanda in Ghana! Loading! A den of liars, nation wreckers and purveyors of blissful ignorance! And it has a following it serves hot lies, and a panel that simply lies! Tomorrow radio Rwanda will serve its gullible followers wicked lies and jokes! Just stay with your Joy FM News file and Citi Fm’s Big Issues! John Boadu

MASLOC banner ghana

MASLOC, under the leadership of a political party cohort rather than administrative and financial competence has been defrauding loan prospectors as well. Hear the bitter experience of one “we once took a loan from them to run a business. can you imagine we paid about Ghc 6,000 for a loan of GHC50,000. just to facilitate the process? i will give you names of the syndicates who take bribes on behalf of the Management and pretend.”. Folks, this same management treats the stealing of $200,000 by its former boss as a mere misdemeanor and instead of prosecuting her, she is being asked to return the stolen funds whilst she stays at home and is on salary! The same management allowed one of its own to sign hundreds of cheques stealing some $350,000 of your taxes”. There are hundreds of such cases with management looking on. This is what happens at the government inspired micro credit scheme. Just plain theft! Thieves !!

If I were a lead engineer at VRA, (The Volta River Authority) I will write as follows:

volta river authority badges” Dear Mr. President, is it your official position as Sam George‘s when he says all VRA engineers are lazy and nation wreckers?”. Sir, if we don’t hear from you in two days, we will demonstrate how incompetent we are and it would be pretty”. Thank you

The Abosombo Dam The Voltar River Ghana

The Abosombo Dam The Volta River Ghana

Last words: I take serious exception to the few who keep prescribing how I choose to go about my freedom of speech. Massa, Madam, if it smells like a duck, walks like a duck and behaves like a duck, it is a duck. Allow me to use words to describe untoward behaviour. I am not a “Mr. Nice Johnny man” I go to the heart of the matter and don’t entertain jokes when lives are involved….I’m a cosmopolitan citizen and I say stealing is stealing, not mistaken property.

We don’ tire for Ghana sef……I will continue to be metaphorical and will use harsh language to describe utterly distasteful and bad economic management , rudderless leadership and aggravated myopia..especially after offering all the sensible solutions by many others without a semblance of change..who should be happy growing from a GDP of 14% just three years ago and see all the toil whittle down to less than 4% in 2015? . And we those who work harder are spending not less than $ 80 per day on fuel for generators at the office and home daily. If you are not feeling the pinch of utterly bad economic management, don’t come to my wall to offer silly advice on how to talk. Won p3 wei m3n ba me wall su.

Good night!!!

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