Sulley Ali Muntari, please do not apologize to anyone. They wronged you and you reacted. But for you all these rots and insults to our intelligence would not have been known. You earn what they give you in a month’s tournament in a week. Let them go bananas…

I am appealing to all Churches with posters and huge sign posts to pull them down now and replace them with EBOLA messages. That is loving thy neighbor too. We do not want to go to miracle crusades after the fact. The AMA should take interest and appeal to the Churches too. Please if you truly believe in God and love your congregants, please pull down all your banners, posters and bill boards and replace them with Ebola messages. God will reward you abundantly. Please the new Ebola signs must be displayed and paid for by the churches until December 25, 2014. This also goes to all corporate giants. Do the same, not just in newspapers. Frankly waiting for the state to do this is wasting your time.

130 persons have confirmed for tomorrow’s event at Alisa on Education @ 9AM. The Minister of Education spoke with me over 30 minutes on the event and wanted to be part but she had equally important matters outside of Ghana.

The Herald Newspaper is very lucky and must be thankful to some of us and our associations with a few of the most respectable and globally influential business men and serious leaders in Ghana else they would have been coughing millions in damages. How can a newspaper editor hide in his room, and wrote utterly disgraceful rubbish about a man he has never met and say to the man’s face “The Herald Respond To Sam Jonah:We Owe Nobody An Apology” back in 2011 when he was sent to court. Today the newspaper has publicly apologised to the man. When the case broke some of us pleaded quietly on behalf of the newspaper only for the newspaper to later publish a lot of rubbish about me and concocted stories only a mental case would dream about. The other delinquent newspaper is Alhajj that equally published rubbish about Sam Jonah and had to apologize later. This Alhajj even claimed I was contesting the flagbearer race of a political party. How do these papers think at all? Where did we collect such from? Acolytes of these newspapers once published concocted stories about an Abattoir in Accra when they had never stepped there. Journalism must be done right!

Listening to Finance Minister discuss the IMF bail out on Good Evening Ghana yesterday left me with no shred of doubt that if we allow the government alone, the main culprit in bringing all of us on our knees to do the negotiation with the IMF and at the same time implement the measures agreed, we will never get out of the mess. In fact, we will dig the hole deeper. This month, a coalition of civil society organizations and think tanks will be having a National Conversation about the implications of an IMF bail out and crucially decide how we help government by scrutinizing every economic decision they make pre and post IMF. We must ensure this is the last IMF bail out we getting into. So, the first things we must guard against is government’s valueless decisions in doing Komenda sugar, factory, northern star tomato factory, tamale airport upgrade instead of Kumasi, attempt to host the next African cup etc…

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