Long Night Road

November 10, 2015

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Headlights define the world
Endless road passes through
A bend, a hill, a bridge
In random succession
Was a start? Will be an end?
Only now in silence
The ever unchanging now
Hark a splash of light
Then blinded dark
Tree has been and is again?
Or bend or hill or bridge?
Was a start? Will be an end?
Only now in silent solitude

Originally published in The Astle Collection which is available from the publisher’s web site.

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And only to the heart that knows of grief,
Of desolating fire, of human pain,
There comes some purifying sweet belief,
Some fellow-feeling beautiful, if brief.
And life revives, and blossoms once again.

Aboriginal Voices with EVENT

ON (Thursday, October 27th) EVENT magazine hosted an evening of prose and poetry, showcasing the work of four indigenous writers.