Mantrakid – Dragon Refrain

by Zoot Rollo

May 26, 2014

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Standing alone as a complete track-by-track re-imagining of Mantrakid’s 2012 release “Dragon Lullabies”, this 9-track remix album contains the expert stylings of some of Mantrakid’s most respected label-mate producers. Deepening the symbolism, this remix album marks the final release to come from Neferiu Record’s catalogue — punctuating over 13 years of quality electronic and hip hop music over the course of 70 unique pieces of audio artwork.

Released July 23, 2013

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Original tracks by mantrakid. Remixes by credited artists.

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Fred from Jupiter

war ein Traum vom einem Mann

Fred vom Jupiter, Fred vom Jupiter
Der Traum aller Fraun
Du machst mich schwach
Fred vom Jupiter, Fred vom Jupiter
Bleib für immer hier
Geh doch nicht fort