If you weren’t already aware, David Hiatt’s PSYBORGS – a retro-futurist STORYHIVE digital short – dropped this week. The short fills every moment of its ten minute running time with action and is now available, free-of-charge, at the Storyhive homepage and the Telus Optik Local YouTube channel.

What you may not know is that your votes for the project could help them land additional financing for more episodes, bigger stories, and more outrageous telekinetic abilities. if you like lasers, huge computers, explosions, psychic powers, abandoned warehouses, head bands, sunglasses, finger-less gloves, denim, leather, and all other things that were badass in the 80s/remain badass to this day, then you’ve been a fan all along.

If you still need persuading, take a look at some of these moody cast portraits and see if you can stay away. Courtesy of the crew and Brandon Cleaver, it’s our pleasure to share the characters that populate the insane world of Psyborgs. A world that almost was… and could still be.

John Carbon


“John Carbon is the Macho Man Randy Savage of the PsyBorgs, “the cream of the crop.” A great leader with tremendous telekinetic abilities and an unquenchable thirst for justice, he will work to eradicate evil from this planet until he draws his last breath in the year 2001.

The delightful Patrick MacEachern brings his unique brand of comedic timing and acting chops to the table, transforming John Carbon from your regular 80’s rad bro into a legendary character.”



“The twisted General Blight is the physical embodiment of pure evil!

Darryl Jordan went pure method while portraying Blight in PsyBorgs. It made for a terrifying few days on set, but an exceptional performance.”



“Nick Collins plays John Carbon’s gun-toting second in command, Ricky Blaze. He has the unique ability to see a few seconds into the future, which makes him an incredible marksman.

You see, instead of aiming for the bad guys where they are, he just shoots where they’re going to be…”



“Well, here are our top picks, starting with the PSYBORGS’ resident IT professional and Psychic-savant, Deutsch!

Played by the incredible Troy Remington Cooper!”

Jessie Sparkle


“The ravishing Jessie Sparkle, brought to life by the crazy talented Allison Lynch!

Once upon a time, Jessie Sparkle was a humble marine biologist, saving the world one sick manatee at a time. But when her aquarium was taken over by T.O.X.I.N. Operative DryDock, she was forced to trade in her ecologist hat for a justice cap.

Shortly thereafter she met John Carbon, and the rest is history.”


If this didn’t persuade you, you’re a joyless buzzkill and you should watch it anyway so you don’t bum out everyone around you. And if over-the-top action-nostalgia in’t your thing, there’s still plenty of amazing talent up for viewing on the Storyhive playlist. Get involved, vote, and support Canada’s western (AB/BC) talent.



Written, Directed and Edited by David Hiatt

Starring: Patrick MacEachern, Darryl M. Jordan, Nick Collins, Allison Lynch, Troy Cooper, Brent Tyler, Brendan Hunter, and Richard Whiskey

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