We park in old Jaipur and walk around for a bit of early morning shopping. Nancy interacts with a shop keeper for a beach cover up shirt thing. He opens with 4600 rupees (about $90). Negotiations immediately end and we walk away with me yelling back “no way” and the shopkeeper following saying “how much you pay?”. We lose the shopkeeper, wander around, get back in the car and the shopkeeper shows up with the clothing. He says to Nancy how much you pay,  Nancy says $500 rupees, he says OK and you do the math. Next it is a tour of the Jaipur Observatory. For being built in 1738 (or for that matter) for any date it is spectacular. And then, surprise, surprise, another palace.

IMG_0184We have great plans to see a Bollywood blockbuster at the Raj Mindar but the internet failed us and it was back to the hotel.

We arrive back to be greeted by something out of The Mentalist

IMG_0193so spend the rest of the night in our room.

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