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Vital Thebeau

Ch. 25 – 1960

In the fall, we had to send and application to natural resources so our name could be put in for a moose draw. For the first time in many years someone would be lucky enough to have his name drawn. I said to my wife I am going to wait the last minute to send my application. That way my application will be on top of the pile. I figured that way I’ll be sure to get my license and sure enough I did get my license. I was quite excited about that. We went hunting for a whole week never seen a moose but we enjoyed that very much. I have tried for 15 years before I got another license.

In that time I met a friend of mine was doing some trapping. I liked that very much; I started setting some beaver traps. At that time the beaver was a pain in the butt, they ruined a lot of woods. They would make a dam and would raise the water enough to flood up to five acres of woodland and the landowner did not appreciate that very much. If it would stay flooded for a long period of time it would kill the wood eventually.


“American Beaver” by Steve from washington, dc, usa – American Beaver. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons –

Sometimes it would be more than that. My friend was a bit older than I was; he taught me how to set beaver traps and showed me how to skin the beavers. It is very important so it would not ruin the fur. He told me it don’t make sense to take a beaver and ruin the fur. It doesn’t make sense to me either. We were doing this as a hobby. I wasn’t making a lot of money, but it was a good pass time and it was keeping the beaver population down.

The first business that I tried was to sell light bulbs that were guaranteed for five years. We didn’t have a lot of money so I went to the bank of Nova Scotia to borrow $250 to get me started on this new business adventure .I was selling from door to door, I sold quite a few.lightbnlbs They would last a long time, so when you would go into to a home, they would buy enough to replace the ones that burned out and a few spares. There wasn’t enough turnover to sell in a month, so that business didn’t last very long. I did that for about a year; I was selling hardly anything I had to quit.

I started doing something else. I built myself an electric welder with an old transformer and it worked well. I was rebuilding drill heads, I was getting $12 piece, and I enjoyed doing that, I was making good money, so I would do that one or two evenings a week.

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