National Holocaust Monument Seeks Donors

by Piers Rae

November 5, 2015

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The Free Thinking Film society has brought the initiative to fund a Canadian holocaust monument to our attention, and we’d like to share their press release here with you now.

The monument (designed by Daniel Libeskind) will sit across from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, have a view of the Peace Tower, and contain photographs by Edward Burtynsky.

Donations are being sought ahead of a special donor reception at months end. Even if you’re not donating, please take a moment to spread the word about this important movement.

The National Holocaust Monument 
An Important Initiative!

How you can help….  

I would like to inform you of a very special undertaking to raise money for the
National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa. Canada’s National Holocaust Monument “will serve as a symbol of Canadian values and diversity; and, as a memorial to the innocent men, women and children who perished”. The Government of Canada has pledged to match funds raised to a maximum of $4.5 million.

Salma Siddiqui, President of the Coalition for Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations is spearheading a drive within the Muslim community to raise money for the Monument, and I would like to invite you to join this important initiative.

For people who contribute $100 or more, we will be having a special reception on Monday, November 30th, 2015.

Rabbi Friedman, the Committee Chair of the National Holocaust Monument will also be there, as will Jason Kenney of the Conservative Party. There will also be other important guests, including representatives from the Trudeau government.

We hope that you will assist us in this important endeavour. Your generosity and contribution will be officially recognized through every phase of this event and included in all public acknowledgements.

Please let me know if you would like to attend this special event and I will add you to the guest list.

Please make out your cheques to the National Holocaust Monument Development Council, and mail them to me, Fred Litwin, 39 Birch Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3G5.

You may also pay online at

If you pay online, please make sure you let us know, so we can forward you the invitation to our event.

Your donation will be matched by the Canadian Government and is fully tax deductible.

If you would like me to pick up the cheque from you personally, I would be happy to arrange a meeting.

We also have credit card forms for those of you who want to pay by credit card.

Please RSVP by November 18, 2015 to Fred Litwin.

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