After a couple of years of jetting around to film festivals in Canada, America, and France, “Take Me Home” is finally getting it’s long-awaited public release.

I’m thrilled to be able to share this project, which I wrote for director Kim Tran, with the world. It’s a touching piece and the second installment in Kim’s trilogy of dreams, the first of which (“Soon Enough“) I also wrote with Kim. It’s wonderful to see a piece of work get a little recognition like this one has, it’s both rewarding and reassuring at the same time. It’s also rare that one is given the opportunity to work with so many talented people on a single project, and I would like to both publicize the film’s release here, and give a shout out to our amazing cast and crew.

Now free on Vimeo!

The first, pre-festivals cover for “Take Me Home”.

To begin, here’s a note from director Kim Tran on the day of the film’s release.

“Hi there!

Today we have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, we are officially releasing “Take Me Home”! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in the making of the movie: our crazy talented cast, Tirra, Rhona Rees, Al  Miro and Johnny, our dedicated team, our friends and family… And of course YOU, who supported the movie! THANK YOU!

It has been such an incredible journey and we are so happy we get to finally share it! So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, “Take Me Home.”


TAKE ME HOME (2014) from Kim Tran on Vimeo.

Official Selection of the New York No Limits Film Festival (2014)
Official Selection of the Toronto International Short Film Festival (2014)
Official Selection of the Vancouver Short Film Festival (2014)
Official Selection of the Johns Hopkins Film Festival (2015)
Official Selection of the Local Sightings Film Festival (2015)
Official Selection of Festival du Film de Saint-Paul-3-Châteaux / Nuit du Court (2015)

“Lily is a long-suffering insomniac, trapped between a traumatic past and an uncertain future. Her best friend Emma pulls Lily from her seclusion for Emma’s first art exhibition. During that evening, Lily will have to confront Edgar, a mysterious man, and reconnect with her old friends Emma and Jansen. At the end of the night, nothing will remain the same. Lily must make the decision to either move forward with her life, or stay mired in the past.”


Directed by:. Kim Tran
Produced by:. Jaselle Martino + Marena Dix
Director of Photography:. Rasha Amer
Edited by:. Mark Lemmon
Production Designer:. David Alexander Macdonald
Screenplay by:. Piers Rae
Story by:. Kim Tran
Costume Dessigner:. Nicole La Greca
Production Manager:. Malin Ottosson
First Assistant Director:. Rosalee Yagihara
Second Assistant Director:. Olga Maldonado
Third Assistant Director:. Ramiya Pushparajah

Lily – Tirra Dent
Edgar – Al Miro
Emma – Rhona Rees
Jansen – John Gillich

Camera Operator:. Nicholas Kedrock
First Camera Assistant:. Antonio Garcia + Talitha Nathan
Second Camera Assisant:. Talitha Nathan
Gaffer:. Anthony Vani + Alex Montano
Grip:. Daniela Flor + Eden Hopper + Miguel Lopez + Max Noel

Sound Mixer / Boom Operator:. Meng Wei
Script Supervisor:. Ananda Kientz
Art Director:. Brandy Byhoffer
Art Assistant:. Annabelle Chen
Wardrobe Assistant:. Blake Finucane

Key Make Up and Hair:. Audrey Himmer-Jude
Make Up:. Isabelle Champigny
Make Up:. Tara Pedersen

Digital Imaging Technician:. Zakim Nuraney
Story Editor:. Natasha Wheatley
ADR Recordist / Dialogue Editor / Re-recording Mixer:. Miguel Araujo
Sound Designer / Foley Recordist / Re-recording Mixer:. Jamie Bell
Colourist:. Adam Myhill
Music by:. LaMeduza + Samuel Sixto

© Chaconia Pictures 2014

Thank you all for watching and sharing our hard work. It’s support like yours that keeps independent film alive. Did you enjoy the film? Drop a like over on Take Me Home’s Facebook Page, or visit director Kim’s official site.

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