Peter Eisenman – Moving Arrows Eros and Other Errors

October 8, 2012

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Plate from Box 3 –

Moving Arrows, Eros and other Errors –

An Architecture of Absence.

Published by Architectural Association in London .


Text and drawings silkscreened on acetate sheets.

” … published … to coincide with an exhibition of Peter Eisenman’s original prize-winning drawings for the 1985 Venice Biennale held at the Architectural Association, London from 19 February to 22 March 1986.”

The Program for the project was to present the dominant recurring themes of the stories of Romeo and Juliet in an architectural form at the site of the Capulet and Montague castles. A clear acrylic Box contained reproductions of the original drawings silkscreened on acetate sheets. A limited number of these sheets were printed. Each set offered contains three consecutive sheets forming a coherent drawing unit, on three acetate sheets,  These Sheets are from a set purchased at the time of the exhibition, and in the hands of a private collector until now.

Moving Arrows, Eros and Other Errors

Moving Arrows, Eros and Other Errors

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