Podcast VS Podcast is the ongoing journey of Piers and Erik, as together we attempt to find their perfect podcast. Recording and publishing our quest for the sake of posterity, we have taken a blood pact that if we can ever agree on an idea, we will cease this podcast and begin work on that perfect utopian project.

To date, this has not happened.

And so, Mondays to Fridays, we sit in a room the size of a shower stall and argue over who has the better ideas for the day. It’s not a perfect system but damn it, it works.


Since mid-November 2015, Podcast VS Podcast has been recorded in the Vancouver Public Library inspiration labs and put out – for FREE – to listeners on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. Incidentally, this is where you can leave us some very helpful reviews that could make or break us.

Or, shoot us a message on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.

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