Reddit is one of the most beautiful places on the internet. That is, once you’ve learned to navigate it’s enormous well of content. Reddit is labyrinth. Our Subreddit Central series cherry pick the best subreddits for content gold, saving you the trouble of learning anything at all. 

Filmmaking is an intensely collaborative art form. The final product changes at every stage, fracturing and reforming as it passes through the hands of each niche specialist. This is rarely easy, and a film can split entirely in the process. Or it can emerge stronger than it ever was at the beginning, covered in new layers like an infinity onion. It all depends on your team, and your resources.

Subreddits are a perfect place for artists to collaborate, and Reddit’s film community excels at sharing and critiquing work at any stage of production. Whether you’re looking for objective feedback, a wider audience, or new collaborators: Reddit needs to be in your kit bag.


Got something you want to plug? A new project you want to produce, something already produced you want to share, a new business venture… whatever you’ve got in your pocket, these people want to hear about it. Not limited to film projects either, if you’re a multi-format producer.


Tips and tricks for editing software, including extensions and add-ons to really get the biggest bang out of a program. It’s amazing to watch somebody take unusable footage and turn it into something golden. Has guides for both amateur and expert level editors.


Music can eat up your film budget pretty quickly, so why not skip over that unpleasantness and get something original? Here you can reach out to composers and musicians for new, one-of-a-kind music for your project suited directly to your project. Don’t be the guy that INSISTS he needs the license to a Smith’s song or the scene just won’t play properly.


Short films, and the people who love them. The internet has made short films relevant again, creating the perfect easy access medium for short-form content. At the same time it is exploding material into an already over saturated market. It doesn’t matter. Short films are fantastic, the easiest entry-point for new artists, and possibly the medium truest to the auteurs intended vision.


The TV of the internet, web-series are even still an emerging art form. Often empty shills for companies looking to be hip, often offbeat vanity projects, web series can take an endless variety of formats. There are no limits to these productions, beyond what people are able to organize. It’s an open frontier for those in the know.


One of a kind inspiration. This subreddit is full of media that you won’t see anywhere else, things that have been lost to time or that people have attempted to bury in embarrassment. The Max Headroom videos are here of course, but when did you last try to look up the first AOL commercials? A lengthy Tiny Tim interview? Or backstage footage at a 1988 professional wrestling match? Spoiler Alert: Cocaine features heavily in that last one.


Not only film analysis, this sub includes studies of the industry itself. How the business works, what makes good films, the history and criticism of film as a medium. If you’re the kind of person who’s constantly looking for new meaning in “The Shining” (I know I am), then this is the place to hang out awhile.


Feedback on scripts, writing contest updates, and scripts being shared. I like to think that if you work in the film industry,


A networking hub. People post their scripts, post their projects, and post their teams. Come here to find a crew looking to put something together, but are running short on ideas. Bring your ready scripts and your best loglines, these guys mean business.


Marketing and advertising are essential components of the business. That is, if you want anybody to actually see what you’ve made. Again, learn the foundations, find a few interesting ideas, and start applying them. We all love creating, we all love making movies, but getting people to watch them is a whole other matter altogether. Possibly the most challenging aspect of being a successful filmmaker.


Your production company (or your reel, or your newest script) needs a website. Not all websites are equal. Take a moment, flip through the best and the worst of this subreddit and try to find something you can make work for you. It wouldn’t kill you to learn some of the foundations – as media moves entirely online,

*Editor’s Note: In addition, there are a range of worthwhile subreddits breaking up the film industry redditors up by location – LA, NY, BC, etc – aimed at fostering collaboration and networking between local creators.

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