Reddit is one of the most beautiful places on the internet. That is, once you’ve learned to navigate it’s enormous well of content. Reddit is labyrinth. Our Subreddit Central series cherry pick the best subreddits for content gold, saving you the trouble of learning anything at all. 

There are moments we find ourselves trapped in those mental dead zones. Happens to everybody: head filled with bad static, numb to emotion, lying around your house like a fat sack of human garbage. If you’re going to lay around, you may as well get inspired while you do it. These subreddits will help lift you out of your sad little self-indulgent funk and remind you that life is worth living. So take a ramble through the best chunks and most inspiring pieces of life – IF you can be bothered to find the energy, you downer.



A sub where the best posts and links inevitably land. Maybe somebody managed to perfectly encapsulate the tenets of post-modernism. Or a different redditor posted an SEO tool that can apply to any industry or personal project. Or maybe an offhand comment about bronies transformed into a 40 reply epic poem in the style of Homer. You can click almost any link here and find something either enlightening or entertaining.


Similar in many ways to /BestOf, True Reddit is a holdout for “True” Redditors wanting to highlight quality content. These are the members who have been around since the early days, and who are committed to the intelligent debate and discussion the site was founded on. As opposed to the rise of memes and imugr, which some see as a decline in quality content in exchange for easily digestible media-based bitlets. I wouldn’t claim one way is superior to the other (I certainly enjoy /polandball and anything with cute animals), but I see better Rediquette in this subforum than any other place on the web.


Taking a detached look at mankind’s (potentially insignificant) place in space and time can be distressing. But the posts in /r/futurology are so gosh-darn chock full of optimism that they’re bound to turn the heart of even the most hardened cynic. Amphibious cities, self-driving-solar-cell vehicles, transhumanism, and other such modern miracles are the focus here.  /r/Futurology doesn’t look backwards at the things we’ve done wrong, it looks forward at the things we’re going to do right.


Things that you did not expect to read about today. Or ever. Here’s some examples.

Ex) “Japanese artist arrested after turning 3D model of her vagina into kayak.”
Ex) “Sheriff buys new jail jumpsuits after orange becomes “too cool””.
Ex) “LA Resident’s painting their grass during drought”

Need I say more?


Reddit is already proof that the internet is a beautiful place, but this sub easily makes my top ten subreddits of all time. All the strange, useful, and downright brilliant uses of the internet pool here. Beautifully designed websites, free resources to improve your life or project, or curiosities like a nostalgia machine that recreates the television viewing experience by decade. The internet is one of the, and possibly THE, most influential creations in human history. Come here to see how well the rest of the world is putting it to use.


Artistic representations of data live here. Vast quantities of information, work, and research succinctly summarized via infographics and charts. If you’re into charts, maps, and what-have-you, then this is your hangout. If you don’t like maps and charts, then maybe you should stop in anyway and see what you’re missing out on.


TIFU = Today I Fucked Up

Nothing inspires me more than reading other people’s mistakes, realizing that other people besides myself DO make mistakes, and they’re often many, many, many times worse than any mistakes I have yet made in my life.


Get up off your butt! Lot’s of inspiring pictures with inspiring words, thoughts on finding purpose in your life, and reassurances that all is not lost. Somewhat cheesy, image heavy, and mileage will definitely vary by post here. Regardless, this is where I go when I need a quick change in my emotion.


Sometimes I forget that we’re part of history, which is one of the lamest things I’ve ever typed on a computer screen. Regardless, it’s easy to forget as things are happening just how important they’re going to be to human history. History being made gathers up these future textbook photographs and moments for our pleasure, reminding us just how important even seemingly trivial things happening in our lifetime can be.


As much as I hate the phrase “life pro-trips”, these are genuinely helpful pieces of wisdom and advice that can improve your life. Here’s my top LPT for today:

“Admit when you are wrong instantly”

Simple, succinct, and applies to any possible situation outside of the courts of law.


That wraps up this weeks roundup, we hope you found something here to move you.

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