Sarah Troyer will take on the most sensible and well-balanced character in the Wolf Hands universe: Jenny Rose. Jenny is the rock in Vaughn’s life, easily the most self-assured and emotionally resilient character in the series.

Sarah was kind enough to talk to us about her role in the project, her earlier work with Shane, and her sudden entry into the world of comic book films.

Caotica: Look down at your hands, and tell me what you see.

Sarah Troyer: Smaller hands. Nails kept short – partially preference, partially because it makes it easier to play piano. Both hands have freckles on the backs – 4 freckles on the right, 7 on the left. Light blue veins can be seen through the skin. Not dainty hands but not manly. I would describe them as strong yet feminine.

C: Tell me a bit about yourself – how long have you been acting? Where else can we see you?

ST: I’ve been acting my whole life really but just recently got into film. Before film I was mainly doing musical theatre. I switched into film out of curiosity and have really fallen in love with it.

Some of my favourite projects include the tv series Dark Hearts, and Young Drunk Punk. I recently finished filming an episode of Wynonna Earp, which is set to air in the spring. I’m super excited about it!

C: Are you a fan of comics? Do you have a favourite book, or series?

ST: Wolf Hands is the first comic I’ve really read and followed. I do love superhero movies though. Big fan of The Avengers, Iron Man, and Spiderman.

C: How did you first hear about the project?

ST: Shane was the one who first brought it up to me and it sounded so funny that I became quite intrigued! We did a table read a few days later with Braden and the team and I was hooked. I’m so happy and thankful to have landed the role of Jenny.

C: You play Jenny Rose, rocker turned masseuse turned werewolf lover. Tell me a little bit about your character.

ST: Jenny is pretty fearless (or at least acts like it) and tells it like it is – overall a strong, bad ass, character. But she also has a caring side too, which can be seen in the way she fiercely tries to take care of Vaughn. She’s multi-dimensional which I love.

I hate that she doesn’t have super powers too. [Laughs]

C: Who in the audience will relate to Jenny?

ST: I think everyone would like Jenny. I think we can all relate to that need within us to protect the people we love and Jenny is the embodiment of that.

C: And what do you feel you have in common with her?

ST: I am very protective of the people I love. Their pain is my pain – it’s difficult for me to not get emotionally involved.

Unlike Jenny, I am a people pleaser and tend to bite my tongue instead of stand up for myself. I wish I had Jenny’s courage to stand up and tell it like it is.

C: So you’re an empathic person – is Jenny an empathic character? What keeps her attached to Vaughn through all this insanity?

STI believe she is. She’s aware of Vaughn’s difficulties and emotions but I think she’s very level-headed and straight forward so instead of reveling in emotion, like Vaughn does, Jenny is about finding the solution.

Jenny is a person who goes full force into her decisions. But she’s not afraid to completely drop something for another if it doesn’t truly make her happy. To Jenny, her and Vaughn have something worth fighting for and so she’ll fight as hard as she can for it.

C: Does playing a tell-it-like-it-is character present a challenge then?

ST: I think the biggest challenge with this role is making Jenny both strong and sensitive at the same time. You want viewers to see her as important – vital to Vaughn’s survival or sanity.

If I go too mean she becomes unlikable, if I go too sensitive she becomes more of a burden than an asset to Vaughn. Ill need to find the right balance between the two.

C: Regarding the relationship, you and Shane recently played a couple in a new pilot. how does that relationship compare to your relationship in Wolf Hands?

ST: Both relationships are very comedic and loving. I think there’s an unspoken understanding and endless support between the two in both couples. Jenny, however, is completely different from Lula (of Wilmore Boys). Jenny is bad ass while Lula is more of an haute couture princess. Polar opposites!

C: What do you do when you’re not acting?

ST: When I’m not acting I like to hang with friends mostly. My friends and family are everything to me. A great night to me is hanging with a couple of close friends over dinner talking about anything and everything.

C: You’ve got a five minute break on set. Where are you?

ST: Probably joking around with the other cast members. Or eating.

C: What should audiences be most excited about?

ST: The whole cast and crew is phenomenal. Shane and Nick are such a comedians, I think they’ll have people in tears from laughing so hard. The crew really know what they’re doing too. I think we’ll have a cool, edgy and entertaining film.

C: Without giving anything away, do you have a favourite line?

“Drama queen? I’ve got razor-blade finger nails, Jenny!”

C: Any other Storyhive projects we should be looking for?

ST: Stalkumentary, by Ron Devitt.

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