Staple – A brand that is always on point no matter what the occasion. 

From their simple, yet stylish tee’s and caps to their collaborative efforts with such greats as Mike Tyson – they are always on the money.

Today brings us the Spring 2014 Lookbook from Staple that for all our US readers, transitions from the dead of the winter to the sun of spring with ease. For us however, we can still rock this shit as long as we want. It has been one long, hot summer in Australia, so most, if not all these items will be perfect for that odd day of semi-cold temperatures.

Naturally, and what you have come to expect from Staple is that you’ll find the iconic pigeon throughout the collection; with the point of difference in this collection being that Staple has enlisted help from renowned artist Dave White. For those out there who don’t know why White is, you may remember White from his eye-popping Jordan One designs, so naturally it is now Staple’s turn.

You can see White’s influence throughout a number of items with his famous brush strokes being prominent throughout. It doesn’t end there either, as what is also cool is that Staple doesn’t end the collaborative efforts there. You can see other high-profile collaborations, i.e. with sneaker artist Jack Stocker – where some of his designs can clearly be seen incorporated on some of the tee’s.

Cool, right?

Look for the Staple Spring 2014 collection at select retailers and the Staple online shop beginning February 5.

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