February 22, 2015

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Team Stryker follows the adventures of four (very) unlikely heroes: Eagleheart, Deadeye, Casanova and V-Scope. When a threat is too great, or no one else is available, America calls on Team Stryker to save the day. Follow Team Stryker as they battle a wide range of villains from a flamboyant Mexican lucha wrestler to a velociraptor with a PhD!

Regret leads to shirt ripping.

Regret leads to shirt ripping.

TSC 001 - Pg 09

Oil is the key to everything.


Team Stryker is one of our favourite online indie comics. Self described ‘Creator-Writer-Artist-Visionary-Canadian-HandsomeMan‘ Andrew Grieve has published his full-page format adventure series online for years now, and is now republishing the adventures of TEAM STRYKER here on Caotica from the beginning. In his own words:

“Our mission is to deliver an experience not found in the world of web comics where web comics are treated like printed comics with issues that have a distinct beginning, middle and end. Team Stryker is broken down into single “Missions” where they will face off against deadly and not-so-deadly foes. Once an issue has been completed it will be available in paper back for purchase.

Why say anything else? Caotica’s Sunday’s are now officially Stryker Sundays, with 2 new pages being published each week for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy this excess of violence & heroism responsibly.

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