Team Stryker follows the adventures of four (very) unlikely heroes: Eagleheart, Deadeye, Casanova and V-Scope. When a threat is too great, or no one else is available, America calls on Team Stryker to save the day. Follow Team Stryker as they battle a wide range of villains from a flamboyant Mexican lucha wrestler to a velociraptor with a PhD!

Bake him away, toys.

Wrapping things up nicely, boys.


Looks like those Stryker boys are at it again.

Looks like those Stryker boys are at it again.

Team Stryker is one of our favourite online indie comics. Self described ‘Creator-Writer-Artist-Visionary-Canadian-HandsomeMan‘ Andrew Grieve has published his full-page format adventure series online for years now, and is now republishing the adventures of TEAM STRYKER here on Caotica from the beginning. In his own words:

Our mission is to deliver an experience not found in the world of web comics where web comics are treated like printed comics with issues that have a distinct beginning, middle and end. Team Stryker is broken down into single “Missions” where they will face off against deadly and not-so-deadly foes. Once an issue has been completed it will be available in paper back for purchase.

Why say anything else? Caotica’s Sunday’s are now officially Stryker Sundays, with 2 new pages being published each week for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy this excess of violence & heroism responsibly.

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